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Collections are groups of markers and GPS tracks, like folders on your desktop. Organising items into collections makes it easy to keep your travel itineraries separate from each other.

Collections list

To open My Collections list, tap the icon on the main map screen.

Collections list

To create new collection, tap the button at the bottom of the My Collections screen.

To view a set of bookmarks and GPS tracks within the collection, tap the collection name in the list.

To view and edit collection details, tap the icon next to the collection name in the list.

There is the option to conveniently sort collections and their content using different criteria in the list:

  • Recent: items that were created most recently will be displayed first.
  • Nearest: collections that contain locations closest to your current location will appear at the top of the list.
  • A-Z: items will be sorted in alphabetical order based on their names.

To search within the collections, simply tap the search field to show the onscreen keyboard and start typing. As you type, the list will dynamically display collections that contain items matching your search criteria.

To delete from the list, swipe your finger horizontally from right to left across the collection, marker, or track name in the list, and then tap the Delete icon.


This deletion action will permanently remove the selected item from the list without the ability to restore it.

To show/hide an item, tap the icon to hide the track or marker from the map. Tapping the icon will make it visible again. The text font color will change accordingly: black for visible items and gray for hidden items.

Visible items in the collections list

To access the additional options, tap and hold any element in the list or tap the Edit button located at the top right corner:

Selecting items in the collection list Available options

To select all items in the list, tap the icon. This allows you to choose multiple items at once, enabling you to apply bulk actions more efficiently.

To find the shortest route for selected markers, tap the icon. This will present a route preview screen where the route starts and ends at your current location.

To export selected items, tap the icon and choose the way to save your data. You can send it as KML or GPX file via Messages, Mail or any third-party app installed on your device.

To change a collection for the selected items, tap the icon. This will move all the selected items from their current collection to a different one.

To delete the selected items, tap the icon. This action will permanently remove the data without the ability to restore it. Please note that once deleted, the items cannot be recovered.

Collections details

To view collection details, tap the icon next to the name in the My Collections list.

Collection details screen

To view collection on the map, tap the icon to open the map centered on the selected collection.

To change the parent collection for the selected one, tap the cell with the icon. This action will allow you to select a different location for this collection from the hierarchical structure of your collections.

To set a collection as the default, toggle the Default Collection switch to the ON position. This will ensure that any newly added markers and GPS tracks are saved automatically to this collection.

To temporarily show or hide all markers or tracks temporarily on the map view, tap the cell with its number. This action will reveal a pop-up menu with available options to toggle the visibility of the markers or tracks.

Hide elements