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Guru Maps provides powerful offline search capabilities that allow you to find locations, addresses, and points of interest within the downloaded vector maps. The following search options are available:

All types of searches are completely offline, requiring only the vector maps to be downloaded. If the object exists on, it will be found in Guru Maps.

To initiate a search in Guru Maps, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon located on the main map screen. This will open the search screen.
  2. In the search field, either type or paste the keyword or name of the location you want to find. For example, you can enter the name of a city, a specific address, or a point of interest.
  3. Once you have entered the keyword, tap the Find button on the keyboard. This will trigger the search process.
  4. Guru Maps will search for matches based on your keyword.

Guru Maps first looks within the downloaded vector maps for matches. If there are no matches found within the downloaded maps, and an internet connection is available, Guru Maps will search online. This allows users to access additional search results and information from

Search suggestions

Quick search mechanism designed to make it faster to complete your searches. Just begin typing, and you’ll see the suggested results appear:

Search suggestions

If nothing of these quick suggestions matches your query, then tap Find on the keyboard to get the full list of results.

View search results

Here's how the search results are presented in Guru Maps:

  1. Map Display: The search results will be displayed as markers on the map itself. Each marker represents a location or point of interest that matches your search query. The map preview is interactive and the search results are updated as you move and zoom in on the map.
  2. List View: In addition to the map display, Guru Maps also provides a list view of the search results. This list presents the search results in a structured format, usually showing the name and address of each location. You can scroll through the list to review the search results more systematically.
Search results

Tap any result on the map or in the list to get more information in details view below. Tap it again on the map to return to the list of all search results.

Search results details

To navigate to the selected location, tap on the route icon icon at the bottom menu. Guru Maps will provide you with the route and turn-by-turn directions to reach your destination.

To save a selected location from the search results to your map, tap at the bottom menu. The new marker will be saved in the default folder within "My Collections."

Search by name

Searching by name in Guru Maps is a convenient way to find specific locations or points of interest. Simply enter the name in the search bar, and Guru Maps will display relevant results based on the downloaded maps.


Keep in mind that the search is case-insensitive, meaning you don't need to worry about capitalizing specific letters. However, it's important to ensure that you spell the name correctly, as the search will not recognize misspellings.

Search by category

Searching by category in Guru Maps allows you to quickly find specific types of locations or points of interest. Instead of typing a specific name, tap on the category that best matches what you're looking for:

Search categories

For example, if you're looking for accommodation, tap on the "accommodation" category icon.The search results will be displayed, showing relevant locations within the chosen category. At the bottom of the search results, you will see options to further narrow down your results based on specific subcategories. For example, within the accommodation category, you may have options such as hotels, motels, hostels, or camping:

Search by category

To refine your search further, tap on the search field. This will allow you to edit your search criteria and type in additional keywords or refine the category selection:

Search by category

Search by address

To search by address in Guru Maps, you have multiple options to find the desired location. Start typing the street name in the search bar. As you type, Guru Maps will automatically offer matching entries or suggestions based on the entered text.

Choose the desired street from the suggested options. Guru Maps will display a list of all house numbers available on that street:

Search by street name

If you know the specific house number, you can enter it to narrow down the selection further. Type the house number in the search bar, and Guru Maps will update the list with the corresponding addresses on the chosen street:

Search by street name and house number

Alternatively, if you know the house number but not the street name, you can enter the house number in the search bar directly. Guru Maps will display a list of all streets that have matching house numbers:

Search by house number

Search by coordinates

To search for a location by coordinates in Guru Maps, enter the coordinates of the location you want to search for in the search field:

Search by coordinates

You can input the latitude and longitude coordinates in any of the supported coordinate formats. Guru Maps will locate the specified coordinates on the map, and the map display will adjust to show the location you searched for.


To avoid confusion while inputting coordinates from the keyboard it is possible to use spaces instead of (‘) Right Single Quotation Mark, (”) Right Double Quotation Mark or (°) Degree Sign.