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Importing & Exporting

Within the Guru Maps app, you can easily share essential information such as GPS tracks, markers, routes, or even specific map datasets, allowing users to customise their maps.

Importing GPS files

You can easily bring external data into the Guru Maps app by importing the following types of GPS files to view them on the map:

.gpx, .kml, .kmz, .tcx, .wpt, .plt, .geojson.


Guru Maps app doesn’t support polygon tags in GPS files. We recommend to convert such files to .GeoJSON format to display all the required data on the map.

How to import:

  1. Locate the GPS file you wish to import on your device. For example, you can find it in the Files app on iOS or in the File Manager on Android.
  2. Choose the file and tap the share button.
  3. Choose to open the app with Guru Maps app from the menu that appears, or choose Send to Guru Maps option. This will initiate the file import process.
GPS file import in Guru Maps app

When importing a GPS file into the Guru Maps app, you may encounter situations where the file contains multiple folders. In such cases, the app will prompt you with options to handle these folders during the import process. You will have the following choices:

  • Keep several collections: selecting this option will preserve the original folder structure of the GPS file upon import. Each folder will be imported as a separate collection within the Guru Maps app.
  • Save to one collection: choosing this option will merge all the folders from the GPS file into a single collection within the Guru Maps app. This consolidates the data from multiple folders into one, simplifying the organization and navigation of the imported data.

Exporting GPS files

Guru allows you to export any of you routing geodata, markers, tracks or whole collections to KML/GPX files in several ways.

1. Save as file

When you need to save your Guru Maps geodata or to transfer it to another app installed on your device:

  1. Tap the icon at the bottom of the details screen:
Details available actions
  1. Choose the "Export File" option to reveal the list of available output file formats:
File sharing menu
  1. Select the file format that you want to export data to (GPX, KML, GeoJSON):
File sharing menu
  1. Select the app you want to copy your data or path to the Files app to save the output file:
File sharing options

2. Share URL

To enable others to easily view a preview of your geodata on the map in their web browser, follow these steps:

  1. Access the details screen and locate the sharing icon.
  2. Choose the Share URL. This will generate the link in the following format:

Additionally, on the page, you will find an option to download a copy of this data in KML, GPX, or GeoJSON file format.