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Navigation in the Guru Maps app allows you to find optimized multi-stop routes and receive turn-by-turn voice directions even when you don't have an internet connection.

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To use navigation offline, ensure that you have downloaded the necessary maps and navigation data for the area you'll be navigating in: Settings > Download Maps.

Create a route

1. Define a destination

To calculate a route, define your destination by searching for an address, point of interest, by dropping a pin on the map, or from My Collections list:

  • tap and hold the location on the map that you want to identify as the destination point for a route until the pop-up appears, then choose the route icon icon:
Route to place
  • swipe right on a marker name in My Collections list, then tap the route icon icon:
Route to marker
  • tap the POI on the map and tap the route icon icon from bottom details:
Route from details

2. Choose a navigation mode

Guru Maps provides directions for several modes of transportation:

  • Driving
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Motorcycling
  • Truck
  • Straight line (direct path)
Route options

By default, the route will be displayed for drive mode, however you can select the right mode for your needs.

To add additional navigation modes in Guru Maps, you can follow these steps:

  1. On the route planning screen, tap on the three-dots icon to open the menu.
  2. From the menu options, select "Open Navigation Settings".
  3. Tap Add Navigation Mode, and choose the desired modes to add them to your navigation options.
Route options

Preview a route

By default, a route from your current location will automatically be generated, providing the best optimal alternatives based on trip time and route options chosen in Settings > Navigation.

A map preview with your route outlined in blue will appear, along with some route details at the bottom: travel distance, travel time, and arrival time:

Route preview with alternatives

Routes will be calculated using the fastest route model, which is primarily based on travel time, but the algorithm also takes other factors into consideration, such as user navigation settings, distance and the number of turns.


In hiking and cycling modes, an estimated elevation gain is displayed along the route:

Estimated elevation gain

Add waypoints

Waypoints in Guru Maps are additional stops that you can add along your way. These waypoints can be used to mark places you want to visit or include as part of your trip to enhance your trip planning and navigation experience.

In Guru Maps, you can add waypoints to a route using two different methods:

  1. On the route preview, tap the map and hold on a specific location that you want to add as a waypoint until a menu with options will pop up. From the menu, select the option to add the location on your route (from left to right):
    • set as beginning,
    • set as intermediate,
    • add as end.
Add waypoint to the route from the map
  1. Tap Add a waypoint in the list of destinations for your route to access the search functionality.
Add waypoint to the route from the list

Search the waypoint you want to add and add it to your route as starting, intermediate or end point from the place details bottom bar:

Add waypoint to the route from the search

The route will be adjusted automatically after adding any waypoint. Once the route is calculated, you can drag and drop the via points on the map or reorder directly from the list to recalculate the route dynamically.

To clear any of the route points, do one of the following:

  1. Tap the map point to bring up the remove action:
Clear waypoint from the map
  1. Tap the 'X' icon next to the point name in the list:
Clear waypoint from the list

The service error message "Path distance exceeds the max distance limit" will appear when the route is greater than the service limits:

Car • Online: 70 points or 5000km • Offline: 50 points or 2000km

Cycle • Online: 70 points or 1500km • Offline: 50 points or 500km

Pedestrian • Online: 50 points or 500km • Offline: 50 points or 500km

Motorcycle • Online: 50 points or 2000km • Offline: 50 points or 2000km

Truck • Online: 50 points or 5000km • Offline: 50 points or 2000km

Save a route

To save a route for future use in Guru Maps, tap on the three-dots icon on the route preview screen to open the menu options, and select the "Save Route" option

The route will then be saved in My Collections list for future access.

Route details

Optimize a route

In the Guru Maps app, if you have multiple waypoints in your route, you can obtain the most efficient route possible. By rearranging the order of the waypoints, Guru Maps optimizes the route to minimize travel time.

To get a route with the shortest travel time in Guru Maps, tap the three-dots button in the top right corner of route preview screen and select Optimize Route to get a route with shortest travel time.


The optimization feature in Guru Maps requires at least two waypoints added and has a limit of up to 50 intermediate waypoints in your route.

Other route options

To access more route options, tap the three-dots icon located in the top right corner of the route planner screen.

Three-dots button to reveal the route options

From there, you can choose from the following available options:

  • Change Map Source: This option allows you to select between using an offline or online map. Additionally, you can enable or disable the display of overlays on the map.
  • Open Navigation Settings: By selecting this option, you can adjust various navigation settings without exiting the route set mode. After making the necessary adjustments, your route will be recalculated to align with your preferences.
  • Open Search: This option allows you to search for specific locations and show them on the map. You can use this feature to find and add waypoints to your route.
  • Clear Search: This option will hide the search results from the map view.

To begin navigation, tap on the icon. After the route is started, in navigation mode you can always:

  1. Skip the next waypoint and continue to the next one, or to your destination by tapping on the icon:
Skip the waypoint
  1. Stop or edit your route, turn off the voice guidance by tapping on the appropriate icon in the bottom expandable menu:
Expand the route menu Expand the route menu
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If you miss a turn or intentionally deviate from the planned route in Guru Maps, the app will automatically recalculate a new route for you.

Voice instructions

When you’re navigating to a place, you can hear navigation directions. You can stop receiving directions at any time while in navigation mode by tapping the sound icon .


A long tap on the sound icon allows choosing one of the supported languages, which will be used for voice instructions. You can also change the language selection to hear the navigation instructions in the Navigation Settings.

Read more how to pair your devices with Bluetooth accessories:

Quick places

In Guru Maps there is a way to save your Home and Work locations permanently to get quick directions to them:

Home and Work Quick Places in Guru Maps

Add your quick places

  1. Tap the route button Route start button on the main map screen.
  2. Tap the Add address button next the Home or Work cell.
  3. Set the address using a search or a selection from a map.

To make the route button visible on the main map, go to the Main Screen app settings menu and turn on the Routing button toggle.

Get directions to quick places

  1. Tap the route button Route start button on the main map screen.
  2. Tap the go Route start button button next the Home or Work cell.
Get quick directions to a saved place

Change the address

To update a saved address, you need to first delete the previous one and then set the new address. To delete the set address, simply swipe the cell to the left and tap the delete button when it appears.

Get quick directions to a saved place