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Transfer App Purchase Across Platforms

· 2 min read
Yulia Musaeva

Are you tired of repurchasing the same app for different stores? Say goodbye to that inconvenience because now transferring your Guru Maps app purchase from iOS to Android or vice versa is a breeze!

Guru Maps offers an incredible feature that allows you to share your purchase from the App Store or Google Play between all your devices, regardless of the operating system they're running. Here's a simple guide to get started.

  1. Create Your Guru Maps Account. Begin by creating a Guru Maps account and signing in on the platform where you made the original purchase.

  2. Check Your License. Ensure that the license for the app is associated with your Guru Maps account.

Guru Maps account
  1. Authorize Your Account. Head over to and log in with your Guru Maps account credentials.

  2. Link Your Purchase. Once logged in, locate the Link purchase to the account option and tap on it.

Link purchase to the Guru maps account

That's it! From now on, every time you log into your Guru Maps account within the free version of the Guru Maps app on any operating system, the Pro features will be automatically enabled.

Linked purchase across OS platforms


Please note that this method applies to both Guru Maps Pro app purchases and in-app purchases made within the free version. However, it doesn't apply to subscriptions.