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Trimming a GPS Tracks

· One min read
Yulia Musaeva

Sometimes when you're recording a GPS track on Guru Maps, you accidentally left the track recording running or started it too early. Now you can easily trim the track from its beginning or its end using the Trim Track feature.

Trim track within the Guru Maps app

This is how it works:

  1. Select the track you want to trim and pull up the details.
  2. Click Edit Track option.
  3. Tap the Trim Track tab.
  4. Move the sliders to the points where the track should start and end.
Trim track within the Guru Maps app

The part that should be kept is enclosed within the two brackets, while the part that should be cut is displayed outside.

Trimming the track is also possible for the speed/altitude/slope profiles. To do this, just switch at the top right corner above the map preview.


You can easily revert your trimmed track back to its original state at any time.